Final reindeers

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We drive out of the parking lot at the Arctic Circle along the inland road in Sweden. This road is not fenced unlike the coastal road which has a fence all along the road from the south of Sweden up to the border with Finland.

The open road mean the wildlife can walk right across the road – and up here the main wildlife or actually livestock is the cute reindeers. And occasionally the reindeer will walk right across the inland roads in Sweden expecting the cars to give way when they wonder around on the street.

We drive about half an hour south of the Arctic Circle and then we are stopped by a group of reindeers. The reindeer also stop another car driving north – so there is a bit of a traffic jam since we don’t really see a lot of cars along this road.

We enjoy the reindeers knowing this will probably be the final reindeers we will spot on the trip since we will soon reach the coastal road and follow it south until we get close to Stockholm where there will not be any more reindeers wondering the southern part of Sweden.


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