Abisko park area

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We get to Abisko after driving along the road from Kiruna to Narvik. We stop by the visitor center at the park. Unfortunately the visitor center is closed for the season so we can’t go inside and enjoy the exhibition which apparently should give a great display of the area.

Next to the visitor center is a hotel – and we go inside to see if there is a restaurant so we can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view of the lake below from the hotel. We manage to get inside the door and have a look around. The building seems deserted. There is nobody at the reception and the restaurant seems to be closed for the season. So we have to leave the hotel without getting any coffee or cake.

We can see a map of the area at the visitor center – there are a few different small trails and we decide to take one – it do lead a long way into the mountain behind which will take a couple of hours – considering the poor weather which may or may not turn into rain at any moment we decide against any major hikes and decide just to walk part of the way down towards the lake. This little trails takes us pass a special waterfall. The river runs down from the mountain and then it is blocked from the lake by a solid rock. The river solved this problem by slowly over the millennia by drilling a hole in the mountain. So the river actually runs right through the mountain down to the river below.

To reach the last part of the river you have to go through a tunnel which is decorated with paintings of northern life including many paintings of reindeers.

Even though we didn’t get to do all we wanted in the park the visit here was worth the trip out from Kiruna.

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