Road to Narvik

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We arrived in Kiruna last night which is located in the north of Sweden – it is sufficiently far north to make it likely you can observe the northern light during the fall. We did try to spot it last night but unfortunately the cloud cover was hanging pretty low over the surrounding area so there was no view of the sky or the northern light.

The good thing about being up here in the fall instead of the winter is you can actually do something during the day despite the cloudy weather. The nights will be long and dark but there is still some light during the day – the sunset here towards the end of October isn’t until after 5 at night so there is a decent amount of daylight to enjoy the northern landscape.

We decide to drive out of Kiruna on the way towards Norway. We quickly drive out of Kiruna to the arctic landscape of northern Sweden. The area is a bit above sea level making the winter long and cold – so long and cold that trees is limited at times and the landscape is pretty open in large sections.

Not far from Kiruna we reach some fairly large lakes and we follow them for a while giving a great view of the water from the road.

The road to Norway follow the railway – the railway here is very important since it is needed to transport the large amount of iron ore from the mine in Kiruna to the ice free harbor of Narvik. As we drive along we see several long trains going back forward between the harbor and the mine.


  1. The scenery reminds me a little of Iceland in some places. I’ve always wanted to visit Kiruna to see if I can see the northern lights, maybe one day!

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    1. Yeah it is a bit like the arctic landscapes you find in the high lands and northern Coast of iceland. Northern light is highly weather dependen and we had no luck this time too many clouds.


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