Västeräs old town

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We have enjoyed a lot of travels around Scandinavia during the summer – but unfortunately Europe was once again shooting down in the fall – and we had a week of autumn holiday coming up. There were a very limited number of places which remained open to travel – it was pretty much down to Poland and Sweden. And parts of Poland seemed to be heading for a lockdown any day so we decided in the last moment the safe place to go would be Sweden. The large Swedish forest would be a safe place to put some distance between us selves and the rest of the world population. And the autumn colours just might be coming out this time of the year.

We head up in the afternoon to Västeräs – it is just outside Stockholm which is less than an hour flight away unfortunately we are not flying since I have lost the trust in the airlines for the moment. So we are driving – which makes it a long drive and we only arrive late at night to the city. We did enjoy the views of the autumn colours which became more pronounced as we were driving further north from Copenhagen.

We drive from the hotel at the outskirt of Våsteräs to the center of town to have a little walk around the town in the morning. The town center is fairly small but there are some pretty parts down at a small canal system which runs all the way through the old town. There are a few wooden houses down at the canals and an interesting old building which dates back to 1891. Back them it was a very modern power plant using the water to provide electricity to the local area. It is actually still in use making it the oldest such power plant still in operation in Sweden.

We walk along the canal for a bit – but there is no path down at the canal so we have to take a road next to it until we reach a large square. The square is pretty and has a bit of a fruit and flower market going on – so it is a pretty place – but I do find the old wooden houses down at the canal more interesting so we try to head back to this area and wonder around a bit in the area with the old houses.

After a bit we reach the large church of the city which is the most impressive building of Västeräs. It has a statue of King Erik in front of the church – he was a son of Gustav Vasa the first Swedish king after the independence from Denmark.

From the church we head back towards our car following pretty much the same nice route along the canal to the car which is parked down in front of the city hall.

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