Exploring old Linköping

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We head to Linköping where there is a nice old outdoor museum just outside you can go in from the street and fortunately there is free parking just in front of the museum for the visitors as a bonus. The museum itself is free to enter so it turns out to be a very cheap experience to have for the day.

Old pharmacy at the outdoor museum

The outdoor museum is a fairly large collection of houses from around the area which gives an idea what an old Swedish wooden town used to look like before the old houses were replaced by modern constructions. There is a lot of cobbled street along with the old houses.

We can go in to many of the houses to have a look at the different interior including an old grocery shop which are set up with the goods sold during the time the shop was operational. Other houses give an impression of how the people lived and worked in the old days.

The museum is fairly large and there is only a few other visitors when we get there so it was easy to wonder around the place taking our time to explore the old houses as we go along. All in all it was a nice little stop and highly recommended if you have a little time and drive by Linköping.


      1. That is unfortunate since it is often a combination. I find cobbles can be very different some is almost like a pavement while others are rough. I think these were fairly good cobbles.

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