New town of Uppsala

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Uppsala is really the oldest town in Sweden – though it has been moved a little bit from the ancient settlement of Gamla Uppsala to the current location. The old city used to be the residence of the most powerful royal family in old Sweden before they moved their capital to Stockholm. The area was an important religious center as well.

Regional museum

Today the modern Uppsala is still an old town with many old buildings in the center making it a pleasant place to go for a wonder. There are only 40,000 people living in the town so the old town is a fairly small area so it is an easy walk around the entire old town. The city is still an important cultural center with a large cathedral and the oldest university in Sweden. The university ensures the city has a fairly large young population to make sure you can find a café if you need a cup of coffee – fortunately there is also something for the teachers with a bit higher income so you can find a good restaurant for dinner which we took full advantage off.

The most interesting building in the city is actually a little bit outside the old town on the top of a hill. Here you find a large castle dating back to the 16th century. The castle was actually an important innovation for Scandinavia since it was the first castle in Scandinavia which had bastions in front of the castle building.

The castle is a pretty place and there is a good view of the old town with the large cathedral down in the center of the old town. We enjoy the view for a bit and then we head down the hill to search for a good restaurant and we are rewarded with a good dinner and the last bit of reindeer of the trip.

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