The tourist reindeers

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We walk around the Santa village for a while and we find a place where they have reindeers on display. You can go and see the reindeers – but here you have to pay 5€ to go in and see reindeers.

Feeding mother reindeer

If you do go in to see the reindeers you can get up close and personal since these reindeers are used to people unlike the ones you can find on the roads of northern Scandinavia and Finland. When you go in you get a couple of tree branches with some leaves you can give to the reindeers.

Mother reindeer is still hungry

Yunni likes the prospect of feeding a reindeer so we head inside to go and see the reindeers. The reindeers eat the leaves out of our hands and they let us get close. There is a male hiding inside a tent and a mother with baby out in the open. The mother is still hungry so she is the one we are feeding.

Reindeer resting after eating

I prefer the reindeers we have seen along the roads on our trip – but if you like to actually go and feed a reindeer this is a good option to do so if you are visiting Santa anyways.


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