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Just a little north of Rovaniemi the biggest city in northern Finland you reach the Arctic Circle and right here you find the Santa Village. Surprisingly the Arctic Circle in Finland is located at 66⁰32’35’’ while the Arctic Circle Center in Norway was located a bit further north at 66⁰33’’. Apparently the Arctic Circle move over time – but still you would expect it to be at the same latitude.

Arctic Circle

The Santa village is supposedly where Santa lives – though all kids know the true Santa doesn’t live in Finland but on the world greatest island Greenland. No questions asked.

The Santa here in Finland is a commercial Santa which the locals invented to attract tourist. And it does look a bit like it is working. Even in the midst of summer there is many tourist coming here to the village to go and wonder around the buildings of the town. There is a post office so you can send a letter to or from Santa.

Obviously there are several souvenir shops which seems to be the main thing around here to get some money out of the visitors. In the main shop you naturally can visit Santa and have your photo taken with him all year.

Elenor Roosevelt cabin – she visited in the 50s

The summer is the low season for this place which apparently has a  lot of visitors from Asia in the winter who wants to go and see the winter wonderland with the snow for Christmas time – so I guess the fake Santa do work when it comes to attracting tourist.

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