King Crab Chinese sytle

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What will you do when you are craving Chinese food and your travel partner doesn´t want it?

Offer something which make him agree😊

It is uncommon for us to eat Chinese food while travelling in Europe.  Usually we opt for the local food.  However, since Norwegian and Danish food are quite similar, and I was craving Chinese food, I managed to convince Mickey to go to this place to try their King crab ala Chinese style.

The empty restaurant

The place is walking distant from our hotel.  For some reason, the GPS couldn´t point to the right direction. We keep searching and we almost give up when a women from the shop asked if we were looking for something. Apparently, the restaurant is located right at the corner close to where we were standing.

So, we come in and we get seat straight away.  The Chinese owner was friendly, and the service was fast.  Menu and drinks offer immediately.  Unfortunately, no King crab on the offer in the menu.  I asked the owner if he has a King crab.  He went to the kitchen to check and told us yes, they have it.

Springroll and prawn

We enquiry about the price.  It cost NOK1,100 for one kg of King crab.  I was greedy and just said yes to get a kilo of crab for the two of us and ended up we get 1,2 kg to make sure Mickey has enough food.  Oh boy…

King crab

We also have 2 different starter.  The crab served piping hot and we need to cut the leg with the scissor which was kind of troublesome.  Food was good, it was juicy and very sweet. But we realized in the middle of the dinner that the crab was way too much for the two of us.  It was expensive and I don´t want to waste it, so I finished everything since Mickey gave up already. Gosh.. probably that was the last time eating King crab for me until next decade.

All in all, it was good. If you are in Kirkenes and want King crab, try this place.  Just don’t order too much.

Shang Hai Restaurant

Dr. Wessels gate 3, Kirkenes 9900 Norway

+47 78 99 01 28

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