More reindeers than cars

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We drive out of Karasjok in the morning. We follow the main E6 road which is the main highway between Oslo and Kirkenes close to the Russian border at the north eastern edge of Norway. This is actually the main road in the northern part of Norway. Despite the road being the main road in this part of the country there is more reindeers than cars along the road.

We follow the road along the Finish border for a couple of hours and we only see less than ten cars along the road before we reach the outskirts of Tana which is the next town of any significance in this part of the country.

The busy highway E6

We only stop a couple of times when a reindeer is walking on the road. It is still entertaining to see the reindeers – though it has become a bit more of a familiar sight after a while in the far north of Norway where the reindeer is kind of equivalent to cows in the rest of Europe.

The drive along this road is actually pretty different from the rest of the driving we have done in Norway. Except for the river along the border there is only limited water around this part of Norway. This is a stark contrast to most of the rest of northern Norway where you are rarely far from the coast or a lake.

When we drive pass Tana we get back to the coastal part of Norway and we can again enjoy a bit of a view of the coastal landscape. The landscape here at the coast is pretty open with only a few of the trees we had further inland.


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