Dropping by Finland

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We have spent a day exploring the Sami traditions in Karasjok which is the cultural heart of the Sami people in Norway. The town is interesting and there is a nice little Sami museum in town – but the city is small and it turns out the town really couldn’t fill our day completely. So we had to decide what to do for the evening.

We had a problem finding a restaurant in the city of Karasjok – we had tried the Sami restaurant at our hotel yesterday and decided not to go back. So we had to find something else and there really weren’t a lot of options in town. So we decided to head across the border to Finland for a little outing in the late afternoon and looking for dinner at night.

Boat on the Finish side of the river

We drive from Karasjok to the Finish border – we are not sure how easy it will be to actually cross the border for the moment considering the restrictions on travel which is still in place across Europe. It turns out there is nobody at the border for the summer so we just drive straight across the bridge and into Finland.

Finland on the left – Norway on the right

We get across the border to the Finish town of Karigasniemi – and it turns out this town really makes Karasjok look little a metropolis. The town is hardly worth the label of a town so there isn’t a lot to see. We do find a restaurant which seems to have a decent menu so we ask to reserve a table for an hour later. It gives cause to a bit of confusion since there is a time difference between Norway and Finland of one our so we actually ask for a reservation in a couple of minutes and not in an hour. We manage to solve the confusion and ask one of the staff what to see in the village and he suggests to go for a little hike down to the river.

And now in reverse – Finland on the right Norway on the left

We follow his advice and head down for the river – which only takes a couple of minutes. And it turns out his suggest hike actually takes us back to the bridge we had just crossed a few minutes ago when we came from Norway. It doesn’t seem like there is a lot to see in and around the town so we decide just to go for an early dinner in Finland before we head back across the border to Norway.

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