King Crab… where are thou….

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The king crab has been introduced to the Barrent Sea by Russian scientist back in the 1960s and it spread quickly from there to Norwegian waters where it has become a bit of a pestilens. Considering it has been more than 10 years since I had a King crab last time – it is about time to help the Norwegian in their fight against the giant crab by eating a bit of them for lunch.

The restaurant from the outside

When I search for the food in North Cape Norway, King crab come up front, so I have to persuaded my travel partner to dine at this place.  Originally, we planned to have lunch at a little village at the fishing harbor as recommended by the hotel reception.  Unfortunately, we couldn´t find the restaurant when we search for it.

Harbor in front of the restaurant

We drive back to Honningsvåg and go straight to the King Crab House Brasseri & Bar, since both of us was starving.

The location was perfect. It was right at the harbor which we can see the water and people watching.  We were lucky to get a seat as the place is not that big.  Interestingly, after we were seated, we have to go to the cashier, order the food and paid straight away.  The menu was limited, and it was written on the black board hang on the wall.

Inside the small restaurant

The staff was okay and polite, but do not expect the friendliness or little chit chat like in Asia or USA.  It is just different culture and way of living.  The seat was good with view to the water.

The king crab

Our food arrives not long after.  It looks good and humongous.  I take pictures for our memories before eating it.  Both of us had King Crab served with salad, mayonnaise and toast bread.

Harbor in front of the restaurant

Unfortunately, when I touch the crab…. It was cold, and not piping hot like I had before. Anyway, the crab meat was so tender, juicy and yummy.  Before we know it,  it was all gone already.  I wasn´t that full but not hungry either… All in all, it was great food, but quite pricey for the price of €200 for 2 plates of king crab lunch plus 2 soft drinks.

King Crab House Brasseri & Bar

Sjogata 6, Honningsvag 9751 Norway

+47 901 21 133


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