Reindeer in the small village

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We head out to Skarsvåg which is a small town not far from North Cape. The village is a pretty little place down at the water – but there really isn’t much to do or see in the town.

What was fun when we went to the town were a couple of reindeers which seemed happy to wonder around the town. Apparently the locals has a bit of an issue with the reindeers since they like to feed on their flowers in the garden which are only growing for a few short month during the arctic summer – and then the locals don’t even get to enjoy them for long before the reindeer have a feast on them.

The reindeer enjoy walking along the road with us following them – they do block the traffic for a bit. Ok the traffic is only consisting of a single car driving out of the town and the reindeer only slow it down for about 30 seconds so maybe the reindeer isn’t blocking much.

We follow the reindeer down to the harbor where they go to the parking lot first. After this they do decide to leave the populated area and walk away from the village across a small creek to the wild land on the other side of the village.


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