Andenes – town at the end of the road

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We have driven along the scenic road to arrive in the small town of Andenes. It is a really tiny town which main claim to fame is its function as a base for whale watching tours. There are tours departing every day during the season so you have the change to go out and look for the big creatures if you like.

Small harbor in the town

We are not going for a tour but decide to have a little look around the town to see what is here. A walk around the town doesn’t take long since the settlement is pretty small so I guess we see what there is to see in a ten minutes’ walk.

There are a couple of different museums in the city but we only head inside a whale museum. In the basement of the shop where you can book whaling tours is a small museum – we are not completely sure if the museum is open or not – but the door is open so we have a look around. There is a little story of the whales you can read before or after a whaling trip.

After the museum we head out to see the main landmark of the city a big light house which is close to the museum down at the end of a little road.

Lighthouse of Andenes

We figure there isn’t much more to see in the city so we head back to our small place for the night.


    1. Ok – I never made it up along the west coast – only saw one whale swimming off shore at Hermanus (I think). Is anybody going on whaling trips this year? or is everything shut down?

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      1. All open now, subject to sanitizing and distancing and mask-wearing. Not sure how that works with diving (!)
        Mostly just for locals though, since quite a few countries aren’t allowed to come here at the moment.
        I saw my first wild whales at Hermanus this time of year 11 or 12 years ago. We just drove into the car park and there they were, breaching, just off the coast in front of us. Never had such a spectacular sighting since.

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      2. That was Lucky. I only saw them in the distance.

        I guess there are limited flights as well. Plus many countries can not go Even if allowed. The danish government advice again st All travel outside EU in definit. So our travel insurance is not valid for the moment.

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