Grønsvik Coastal fort

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The Germans build a total of 350 forts along the Norwegian coast during the Second World War – the forts were a part of the Atlantic Wall which was supposed to protect occupied Europe from attacks from the westerns allied forces.

The fort was built to protect approach to Sjona and Ranfjorden. The fort is located on the top of a cliff right at the sea and there is a splendid view of the area from the top. It seems like all the forts along the Norwegian coast is worth visiting for the view of the area alone – the forts generally build at high locations with the best view of the approach from the sea to protect the small harbors along the coast.

There is a museum at the location but it wasn’t open early in the day when we arrived so we only had a look at the fort from the top – which is free to wonder around. There are several ruins remaining of the fort – with the old gun positions and some bunkers to protect the German soldiers taking position at the fort.

Small islands below in the fort

The fort was built by some local Norwegian helped by 55 prisoners from Poland and 77 prisoners from the Soviet Union. Particularly the soviet prisoners were treated very harshly and suffered from malnutrition and illness 7 of the soviet prisoners died while building the fort and they were originally buried next to the fort – but their heads has been dug up and reburied at the main war cemetery at Tjøtta.

It is nice to walk around the fort and enjoy the view of the sea below – and it is well worth going even if you have no interest in the history of the Second World War.

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