Driving along the fjords

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We drive out of Mo-I-Rana to return back to the coast road. The first part of the drive out of the city isn’t actually along the scenic road – but it is still along the fjord leading into Mo so it is a very scenic little drive and we enjoy it.

The weather start out pretty bad but it does look a bit like it is going to clear up. It will be interesting how the weather will be when we finally go across the Arctic Circle. We actually peeped just above the Arctic Circle yesterday when we went to the Arctic Circle Center – but we did a bit like they do with altitude training for a hike into the highest mountains. We went north of the Arctic Circle for the day and a little look around and then we crossed back south of it to sleep for the night getting ready to actually cross north into the Arctic’s for the rest of our time in Norway.

The clearing weather is actually a bit ironic we have been travelling through Norway for a while now and every day we have had some rain and most of the time it has been cold and cloudy. But now the weather is finally clearing and turning into the warmest day we have had in Norway – a bit of irony it is coming north of the Arctic Circle.

We drive out to the main scenic road along the edge of the Norwegian mainland and it is very nice with good view and it actually has official road side rest stops which are few and far between across Norway.

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