Rock city of Namsos

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When you head to the northern part of Norway you probably don’t expect the experience to be particularly rock’n’roll but the small town of Namsos has gotten the nickname Rock City. For some reason a lot of famous rock bands and musicians come from this small town.

Museum of Rock City in Namsos

The city is home to a museum of rock music and usually it is possible to go and visit the museum. Unfortunately the museum was only open for small tours for the moment and you couldn’t go and visit on your own. The tours were at some strange times and it didn’t really fit our schedule so we had to give it a miss.

But we did stay at the Scandic Rock city which is actually next to the museum – and you enter the museum through the lobby of the Scandic Hotel. So we could easily see a little bit of the exhibition.

The hotel decoration consisted of different rock memorabilia items. There are records on the walls and in the floor there are different stars. All the stars are from the bands and musicians which are actually from the city itself.

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