Varden overlook

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The city of Molde is a decent size city which has most of the amenities you would expect from a city including a football team in the top Norwegian division. Despite all this the city itself is fairly uninteresting architectonical. So we didn’t spend a lot of time wondering around the town.

Ferry at the stadion of Molde

One good little excursion from the town was to head up the hill to an overlook – the city might be uninteresting in itself – but the location of the city is amazing right at the fjord. You can’t really see the great view from the city itself. It is better to go up the hill and enjoy the view.

Small island at the fjord outside Molde

Apparently it is possible to hike up the hill in about one hour – but we are a little lazy so we just drive up the hill. The hill is pretty steep so it would probably be a strenuous hike up the hill. The road up to the top is narrow but we do make it up easily.

At the top there is a little restaurant – it would be a great place to go for lunch – unfortunately it wasn’t open for dinner on the day of our visit and it was too late for lunch. Instead we just have a bit of a walk around the top and enjoy the view of the fjord below the restaurant.

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