Speeding for the ferry

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We have been on a few ferries today – but it isn’t finished – we need a last ferry to get to our destination in Molde. We are driving towards the ferry – and there is a sign telling us it will be leaving in a couple of minutes and we still can’t see the ferry terminal.

A ferry coming from Molde

So we kind of just relax expecting the ferry to sail away and leave us behind waiting for the next ferry. Considering there seems to be a ferry departing every 10 to 15 minutes we don’t stress too much about missing a ferry – we can just hang out at the ferry pier and look at the fjord hopefully be able to get a couple of nice photos of the water and the mountains around the fjord.

Fjord outside Molde

We get closer to the ferry and it turns out we still have about half a minute to reach the ferry – we speed up a bit and drives around the corner. The ferry is still there and it hasn’t closed the bow of the boat so maybe we can still make it? We continue driving and the man at the ferry indicates we should just drive onboard. The ferry is pretty full but there is just space to our tiny car at the end so we make it onboard and we starts sailing a few seconds after we got onboard.

Busy upper car deck

The sailing is nice as always and we can get a little look at the area and the other boats going the opposite direction.

A ferry in front of the distant mountains

After a short while we are leaving the ferry – and we are right at the city of Molde – so there really isn’t much of a drive from the ferry to our final destination for the day.

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