Another ferry from Hareid village

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We drive across a couple of small islands from Årvika where we landed with a ferry. It is a quite drive across the islands – not many tourists seem to take this slow road along the coast. Instead most people drive along the bigger roads further inland where the fjord is narrower and there is less of a need to catch a ferry every now and again. The drive across the islands is fast since it is only a bit more than 40 kilometers.

View of the fjord

When we arrive at the small town of Hareid it is time for another break in the journey – there is no bridge across the fjord here so we have to wait for another ferry.

Catching the ferries in Norway is always slowing down the journey a bit and the price of ferry tickets along the trip do add up to a pretty significant amount in the end. But there is the advantage of the great view while crossing the fjord.

And once again we don’t have to wait too long for the ferry – it comes quickly and we drive onboard the ferry and get ready to sail across the fjord. It is only a short sail across the fjord and it is enjoyable to stay on the top deck from where there are great views of the fjord.

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