Morning ferry from Koparneset

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We drive along the coast from the tiny village of Åheim until we reach the small ferry pier at Koparneset. The road follows the coast for a large part of the time and the view along the road is pretty. Fortunately the weather is fairly good so we can enjoy the view as we drive north along the road.

View of the fjord at Koparneset

After a bit of a drive we arrive at the first ferry terminal of the day. The small ferry port of Koparneset which is basically just a ferry pier at the end of a road. From this dead end road we catch the ferry across the fjord to another ferry port which has a similar size at Årvika.

Like always it is good to have a break from the drive and the ferry port has a very scenic location. We enjoy the view of the fjord while we wait for the ferry. There aren’t too many people waiting for the ferry so we are pretty certain we will make it to the first ferry – not having to wait for a huge line to get on a ferry later in the day.

Ferry port at Koparneset

After a little wait the ferry arrives. It comes into view pretty suddenly from around a little cape. The ferry is coming fairly quickly so we have to stop taking photos of the view and walk the short distance back to the car so we can get onboard without delaying the people behind us in the line for the ferry.

We get onboard the ferry and get up to the top deck to enjoy the view of the short ferry ride. Like most of the ferries in Norway the trip only takes about 10 minutes and we are across the fjord and ready to drive off the ferry and continue the scenic drive on the other side of the water.

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