Shopping in Norway

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We are getting closer to our hotel when we stop at a small town down at a little lake. It is a pretty location and when we have a little look we realize the supermarket is closing in half an hour – and since it is Saturday today it will not open again until Monday morning. We will have a kitchen in our hotel apartment for the next coming days so we decide to do a little bit of shopping today to have the needed supplies for the coming days.

Bunnpris shop – maybe prices so high because of the location?

Grocery shopping in Norway can be a bit of a terrifying experience. We went inside the supermarket which was called Bunnpris which translate in to something like bottom price. This didn’t really make it a cheap experience to go shopping here – the prices of veggies were horrendous. We had a look at a bit of vegetable – it turns out they do have some fresh supply – unfortunately they come at a price. We spot some tomatoes which sell for 100 NOK a kilo – or just under 10€. It doesn’t get much better when we have a look at the other produce in the veggie section – the peppers are at similar prices and pretty much everything is many times the prices we are used to pay for the stuff. For some reason the meat seems to be sold at somewhat more reasonable prices so our shopping ends up being a bit skewed towards the protein section of the supermarket. When we spot the alcohol section the price chock is pretty similar with a can of beer selling for 3€+. Fortunately we had anticipated this and made sure we had the liquid provision to take us through most of our stay in Norway.

Fortunately for our health during the trip the prices at other supermarkets around Norway were a bit lower on the vegie section and we managed to spot tomatoes as cheap as 40 NOK a kilo – still 4€ but not quite as outrageous as in this shop.

View at the lake in front of the shop

From the supermarket we head to the hotel. It is located up a little valley close to a ski area in the mountains and it is a bit away from everything. There is no restaurant on the premises and they don’t serve breakfast so if we hadn’t got some supplies it would be a bit of a problem getting by the coming days.

The hotel isn’t quite full it turns out they mainly rent out the small apartments to Asia tour groups during the summer. Apparently they usually have a tour bus every day during a normal season. This isn’t a normal season – we haven’t seen a tour bus so far on our drive through Norway and there will only be a couple spread around the whole country. So the hotel is pretty empty during what is supposed to be the high season. I guess this explains why we got a good deal for the apartment for a few days.

Waterfall in the distance

The hotel doesn’t have a perfect location up in Myrkdalen – but it is a pretty good base for a few drives around the Sognefjord area. So we are happy staying here for three nights with a bit of space compared to a small hotel room.

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