Steindalsfossen in the melting season

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Norway have a large collection of waterfalls and I guess they always have some flow of water most of the year – but during the melting season of the early summer the water level is increased significantly with the water from the melting snow on the small mountains.

River below the waterfall

One of these many nice waterfalls are located just next to the tourist road of Hardangervidda – and fortunately it just happens be on the road we drive on today. The waterfall is visible just off the road so there is really no reason not to stop for a little bit and enjoy the view of the waterfall.

Waterfall on the other side of the bridge

The water comes down from the mountain in a 46 meters drop and the falling water is fairly impressive. But another interesting spot to look at the water is just under the bridge we were driving across to get to the parking lot. Here the water is rushing under the bridge creating a dramatic flow in the river below the bridge.

Water rushing down

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