Passing Svandalsfossen

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We continue the drive north after the first of what will turn out to be a large number of ferry crossing while heading north through Norway. When we drive north along road E13 we pass several nice places. On area is around the large lake Blåsjø. There are some good views of the area along the road here so we do stop repeatedly to enjoy the view of the Norwegian roads.

The travel in Norway turns out to be always very slow – they don’t seem to have any highways – all the roads outside the major cities are just one lane in each direction and they are generally pretty twisty making it virtually impossible to overtake the slower vehicles on the road. In addition they have put the speed limit at 80 as the maximum on almost all roads with a very few exceptions of 90 an hour and obviously lower speed limit in the cities. They do tend to enforce the speed limit with very high fines and many speed cameras particularly in the small towns along the road. And when we stop frequently even a day travel of 3-400 kilometers can turn out to be a full day driving.

After we leave the area around the lake and the fjord behind we reach a Svandalsfossen. It is a pretty waterfall which you can see right from the road. But if you got just a little spare time and the stamina it is well worth going on the 540 steps which will lead you to the upper part of the waterfall which is actually more impressive than what you see from below.

If you go to the top you might consider putting on your waterproof jacket if you don’t already have it on due to the unreliable Norwegian summer weather. The water fall is making a bit of a splash with the tumbling water and at certain places you will get a bit of a spray – though the spray at other waterfalls are a lot worse than this one.

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