Amphidromic point of Egersund

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The small Norwegian town of Egersund has a special location. It is located just at the point where the tidal waves from the English Channel coming from the south meets the tidal waves passing north around Scotland. This creates a special effect where there is virtually no tidal motion around the area.

View from Rock Body

The lack of tide has helped preserve the old boat houses around Egersund which would otherwise probably not have survived until today.

View from the Amphidromic point of Egersund

The point is located just outside the city and there is a sculpture made at the location which is called Rock Body and it looks a bit like a man made of rock standing at the rock just at the ocean with no tide.

Rock Body sculpture

The statue is the only feature you can see at the amphidromic point since it is impossible to see the lack of a tidal motion at the location so you just have to settle with the sculpture and the explanation which they have put up at the location telling you about the phenomena in both Norwegian and English.

After you have seen the sculpture you might want to head for a bit to the old town of Egersund which is a nice little place to have a quick look at.

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