Old town of Stavanger

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It was our plan to go out and hike to the top of the main attraction outside Stavanger Preikestolen – but the weather is awful in the morning with a lot of rain. So going for a long hike doesn’t seem very appealing today and we have to do something different which is less dependent on the weather.

Restaurant area

The main sights of the city are located around the harbor down at the local fjord – it seems like any city in Norway is located right at a fjord.

Cobbled street in old Stavanger

There are some nice houses along the harbor where you also find the main dining area – which doesn’t look all that appealing during the day when the restaurants are empty in the rain.

A bit on top of the harbor is an area called old Stavanger – the area consist of a collection of old wooden houses and some cobbled street – it is mentioned as one of the most attractive areas of Stavanger so we head down to this area to have a closer look. It doesn’t take too long since we don’t find the area very interesting it seems like what is interesting in Norway’s smaller cities is almost exclusively the natural attractions which are usually nearby while the towns in themselves is of limited interest.

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