Swords in the Rock

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A short drive outside Stavanger you find a collection of swords at the beach. The sword is a sculpture made to commemorate the victory of King Harald Fairhair in the battle of Hafrsfjord. This battle was an important battle in Norwegian history since this was the first time a king gathered all of Norway under one crown. According to legend the battle took place in 872 – but historians still debate whether or not the battle took place later possible as late as 900. The battle is well known from written sources but historians are still searching for some archeological evidence of the battle to better know what actually took place in this location back then.

The monument may be in remembrance of a major battle – but the monument is also supposed to represent peace. Since the monument consists of three swords which are placed in the rock so they can never be used for war again. The main sword in the middle represent the victorious king Harald while the two other smaller swords represent the two minor kings he defeated in the battle to be the supreme king of Norway.

Swords on a rainy day

The monument is located down at the water of the fjord and it is free to go and have a look at the place – though it is a bit away from the city of Stavanger so if you don’t have your own transport it may not be worth it to go all the way out here.

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