Love or Money???

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People say love can bring happiness.  It is true on some part, but money can buy you many things to make you happy.  We are lucky to have both and enjoy life to the fullest and being pampered especially when dine at this place which offer great adventure to our soul through the eyes, sense, touch, hearing and taste.

View of the new Lillebælt Bro from the restaurant

The restaurant located at the harbor which created a romantic feeling and beautiful view toward the water.  We were lucky to get a reservation as the place just open after the corona virus lock down.  The place was not full and there were plenty of space between the tables to create the safe distancing rules.

Working in the kitchen

There were 3 menu offers and we chose the 6 courses menu which included snacks, champagne, wine pairing and tea or coffee which cost dkk2,000 per person (almost €300) per person.

The service was superb and the staff was friendly. From the moment we enter its door, we were treated like royalty and the drinks come quickly.

And the food…. Oohh…….it was crafted beautifully.  First, we got 8 different snacks for a taster to make us crave for more. It presented like an art and taste really yummy. We used our fingers to eat those to create a feeling and sensation before eating the food.   A simple food like cucumber roll with the cream cheese and smoked salmon turn to be soo good, and the mini cheese pizza…… the fresh asparagus…. That was define.  We were surprised with the egg yolk… it was soo small however the taste was bursting in our mouth… so delicious.

Then we got our main meal.  The lobster soup with roe eggs was the highlight for me.  It was exquisite.

Lobster tail with flowers

The lobster tail with the soy sauce was great too and the meat was soo tender. 


The truth …… I don´t really like the white asparagus served there… I though it was very bland and don’t have much taste compare with other dishes.  At least the mushroom stuff with chicken compensate it and taste delicious…. I wish I could have more of those.

The fried cod was defined and the portion was plentiful.  The beef cook and served to the perfection.

Before started the dessert, we clean our palate with this little ice cream stick which taste like a bustling energy and a bit of sourness, fresh to the tongue and we were ready to have more food. Then we have dessert of ice cream top with meringue.  Mickey love this dessert and savor it greedily.  Lastly we had tea and coffee with petite four and decorated tree which we can eat the decoration on it.  What a beautiful art.

All in all… the meals was really lovely and the companion was wonderful.  If you have time while in Aarhus, do visit this place and enjoy the pampering. You see… money can make people happy.

Ti Tren Ned

Toldkammeret 9
7000  Fredericia

Phone +45 7593 3355


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