Resistance inn of Hvidsten

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There are many old inns along the Danish country side. One which is more famous than the rest is Hvidsten Kro (kro is the Danish word for inn). The inn is located in the small village of Hvidsten and it is a nice little inn located in a thatches roof building. The owner seems to have made a small museum to attract more visitors to this little town which is located on the old main road which has later been replaced by the motorway a few miles further to the west – so not many people travel along this road and I guess the inn don’t get a lot of guest just dropping by when they get tired of driving along the road anymore.

The buildings of Hvidsten Kro

The inn is famous because the former owner Marius Fiil was the leader of one of the biggest early resistance groups in Denmark. The group was successful and organized the collection of several drops of supplies from the British delivered by airplane by night.

The group managed to work in hiding from the Gestapo for a year but then a Danish officer from the British army got captured before he managed to take his suicide pill. He was tortured and finally gave up the location of Hvidsten resistance group. The group was captured and Marius Fill was executed along with his son, son in law and five of their friends from the local area. His two daughters were jailed for the remainder of the war.

After the capture the group became legendary in the resistance newspapers and Marius Fill was compared to the most famous historic resistance fighters who had been fighting the enemy when they had occupied parts of Denmark.

Old farm tools on display at Hvidsten Kro

Many years after the war the story of the resistance group has been made into a movie this has had a large audience both in the cinema and television. By accident they had shown the movie a week before we were in the area so when we were nearby I wanted to make the short detour from Mariager to Hvidsten before we continued the drive back to Copenhagen.

Memorial ground for Hvidsten resistance group

A hundred meters from Hvidsten Kro you find a little memorial for the members of the group who was all shot in Copenhagen.

Memorial stone for the Hvidsten resistance group

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