Beach of Blokhus

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Blokhus has one of the many famous beaches along the west coast of Jutland. And it is pretty famous as a place where people from Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark head for their summer holiday most people stay in a summerhouse either their own or one they rent from some local owner of a summerhouse.

One of the fun things is you can drive down to the beach and have fun down there. Down at the beach you can see a line of white houses. These houses come up when the season start may first and stay there during the summer. You can rent a house for the season and use it as a changing room if you own summerhouse is a bit far from the beach. I looked in to one of them and it seemed like they were storing a lot of chairs, a table and a couple of gas burners so I guess they use all the stuff to have a picknick at the beach during the summer.

One great time to drive down to the beach is for sunset – the beach is located straight to the west so you can see the sunset out over the ocean.


  1. That looked like a beautiful beach you visited at Blokhus. This beach reminded me of Australia’s beaches. Here in Australia we have beaches and beach houses on the beach too. These beach houses are not cheap to come by and I heard they can be a hundreds of thousands of dollars for one. Hope you are well and take care 🙂

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