Back when winter was winter

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I just had a look through some old photos – and I stumbled on some from photos from March 2013. Back in 2012-2013 Denmark had a pretty harsh winter with months of subzero temperatures and the water around the country froze all around us.

We decided to do a little daytrip north of Copenhagen to see what it looked like during the winter. We went to the end of the S-train line and then went from the station out to a pretty little restaurant on a grassy lawn in an old yellow house. The restaurant is called the yellow cottage and the food here is actually really good so it is a nice little lunch destination.

Down below this grassy area you find one of the most famous beaches in Denmark called Bellevue – though there weren’t a lot of people on the beach on this freezing day. But they did have the little bridge out in the water which usually is used by the bathers during the summer months where the beach is absolutely packed.

Here during the winter there was a lot of ice on the bridge and it looked very pretty with all the ice hanging down from the bridge. The ice on the bridge only happens in certain years when the winter weather is particularly cold – and in the last couple of years there really haven’t been enough winds from the east to create a really cold winter.


  1. Hello.

    I love the third photo. It near shows that there is cold. In Finland, we have true winter offering for example, free reindeer races, meeting Santa, walking on a sea or on a lake, ice and snow carvings and visiting world’s biggest snow castle.

    Stay safe and healthy.

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    1. I know it gets cold. I went for a meeting in Helsinki during winter and arrived early Sunday and had most of the day to Explore. After 3-4 hours I had got ten cold and had to go to the hotel.

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