Kokkeriet – one of the top restaurants in Copenhagen

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Every year there is a dinning week in February in Copenhagen and this year there were some restaurant which would give you 10 servings for 500 DKK which is around 67€. It may not sound cheap but we managed to get a spot for dinner at Kokkeriet which is one of the top restaurants in Copenhagen with a Michelin star so the 500 DKK was actually a bargain. You could get a wine matching for the same price.

We have actually been to Kokkeriet one time before and the food back then had been really top class – unfortunately the service had been rather slow so the dinner lasted from 7 pm until they asked if we wanted coffee at 12.45. So this time around we had booked a table for 5.30 pm so it wouldn’t get too late given we are dinning at a Monday. There was actually two seating’s for the night the second one was at 8.30 at night so it would get rather late.

Bread and butter

When we arrived we were quickly taken to our table and they asked if we wanted still or sparkling water to go along with our other drinks. The drinks arrive quickly and they told us the ten servings consisted of 5 small snacks to begin the meal and then 5 dishes which would be a bit more substantial.

The fact there was two seating’s this evening ensured the snacks actually arrived fairly quickly today and we got the first couple of snacks within a few minutes.

Cucumber, dild and white chocolate

First of the snack was a cucumber which really didn’t look anything like a cucumber but it did taste pretty good so it went down.

Salad, honey and lemon

The cucumber was followed by a little salad which didn’t taste of much but salad so this was a bit of a disappointment. The same was true for the next snack called carrot and black pepper – unfortunately it tasted too much of carrot and nothing else so this too was a bit of a letdown.

Carrot and black pepper

Fortunately the next snack was better it was a morel and it was a nice little bite.

Morels – only eat the black stuff

Last of the snacks were a small serving of potato pure with a little bit of leek and this was a very nice way to finish the snacks.

potato and leek

The first actual dish was fairly small – not much bigger than the snacks so we started to wonder if we would actually leave the restaurant hungry. Fortunately the dish tasted great – it was a little serving of cabbage and fish roe.

Fish roe and cabbage

The second dish was a scallop which was prepared perfectly so it was a joy to eat.

Yellow beet and fungi

Next up was a little vegetable dish of yellow beet and fungi. Followed by the main dish a small piece of prime beef which were cooked perfectly and tasted great.

Beef, cherri and cabage

Now there was only a dessert to come which was a small orange ice-cream with a bit of crumble of chocolate and rosemary.

Orange, brown butter and rosemary

The restaurant is located in the center of Copenhagen at Kronprinsessegade 64. You might better book a table online if you like to go there at kokkeriet.dk


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