Amass Restaurant

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Amass restaurant is located in the industrial Refshaleøen.  If you are not familiar with Copenhagen city, it is best to take taxi to this place as it is a wee bit difficult to get there if you do not have a vehicle or bicycle.

The place is popular and well known for its organic produces and have their own vegetables garden, berries, herbs and flowers that can be appears on your plates.  The food itself created based on the season and ingredient.

The price is a bit expensive especially for the restaurant which doesn´t have any Michelin star yet.  It cost DKK 1,095 per person – around €147 for the meal and wine pairing DKK 825 -around €110 per person.

The service itself was good. Unfortunately we might had the worst table for the night. We sat next to the table where the staff keep taking plates, cups and wine bottles next from us so it was very disturbing and no privacy at all.

The food itself was okay, but I didn´t find an “uhm” factor which make me delighted or want an extra food. For me the tasting menu was not really go into the heart and I thought that’s the big probably they didn´t get the Michelin star yet as the food is just not there.

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