Royal kitchen of Christiansborg

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The Danish parliament was originally built as a royal palace – but the royal family never moved in to the present castle. So it was taken over by the parliament instead. But there is still a royal apartment on the castle which is occasionally used for major events.

The large kitchen

When you have major events you needed a kitchen and there is an old kitchen in the basement of the castle. You can go and visit the kitchen today and see how the cooks used to make dinner for the major royal events in the apartment on top of the kitchen.

The kitchen has a lot of brash kitchenware and the current setting of the kitchen is trying to reassemble 15 of May 1937 when King Christian X was celebrating his 25 anniversary as king of Denmark.

Cakes on display

You can look at some of the old recipes of the dishes which were served back in the day and see the large kitchen.

The kitchen is fun to see but it is probably going to be a short visit for most people – and I would rate it as a pretty minor attraction of Copenhagen. So I would only recommend people to visit if they got a ticket for all the museums of the area or a Copenhagen Card which will give you free entrance. And fortunately the museum is located close to other attractions like the Thorvaldsen Museum and the National museum plus a few more museums.


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