Driving the Debbed Canyon

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It is our last day in Armenia – and Georgia for that matter we have to drive back to Tbilisi and catch a flight in the middle of the night. We drive along the main highway from Yerevan to Tbilisi which doesn’t sound like much fun – but you actually get to drive through one of the most scenic canyons in the Caucasus so we enjoy the drive.

River in the canyon

We drive along a river and enjoy the view as we drive along the river. We enjoy the drive and the fall scenery along the river. There are a few UNESCO listed monasteries in the hills above the canyon we actually already visited one of them and it was quite nice. We decide on not doing the detour up the hills for the second one since we have seen a decent amount of ancient monasteries.

A village down the river

It is a nice drive to the border – unfortunately the main highway to Georgia is still under repair making it one of the worst in all of Armenia so it is bumpy and slow drive to the border. Finally we reach the border and it is always a question if we have all the sufficient documents for the car or not. It turns out we are all set so we get across to Georgia quickly.

Fast flowing water

We drive the short distance to Tbilisi from the border. Fortunately the roads here are in good condition so we drive pretty quickly. When we get to the outskirts of Tbilisi we notice the car dragging a bit and making a strange sound. Obviously the car has a flat – just what you need so close to the final destination.

Fall colours on the hill

We are lucky there is a gas station just across the light signal so we go there to see if there are a pump and a staff which could assist. It turns out the gas station can’t help us and don’t speak any English – but they point us down the street towards a small shop doing repairs. So it seems like we don’t have to change the tire ourselves which is always a bonus.

We get to the shop and they point out we have gotten a dent in the rim – making the tire go flat. We probably went down in a too deep hole in the bad road in Armenia which has finally caught up with us a hundred kilometers later.

Statue at the canyon

We have to wait a little while since the staff is working on another car. When they got time they come out with a hammer repairing the rim and fill some air into the tire. It only takes a few minutes and we are ready to go. The staff doesn’t speak any English so we try to ask them how much it is for the work they did on the car. It turns out it was free of charge so we got lucky and can continue the drive to the center of the city. We still need that last minute shopping for the amazing Georgian wine to bring a few bottles back home.

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