Religious city of Echmiadzin

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We drive the short distance from the Zvartnots cathedral to the city of Echmiadzin. The city is only a short distance from Yerevan so it is an easy day tour if you are based in Yerevan. We go to the center of the city and manage to find the only available parking spot close to the entrance to the main religious center of Echmiadzin.

We walk across the street and go in and explore the area for a bit. The area is a large pedestrian area with large walkways and big gardens in front of the different buildings which houses the religious leadership of the city and country. The city is generally considered a holy city and the spiritual capital of the Armenia.

Tower at Echmiadzin

There are several big religious buildings at the area I think they house the religious leadership and some of seminal institutions for education the next generation of priest of the country. There are a lot of people walking around the area – possible coming from a service in the big church at the area.

The place is an interesting mix of buildings and it is located just next to a park and it is sort of a parklike setting making it a good place for a little stroll around.

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