Modern city of Yerevan

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Visiting Yerevan gives a very different vibe compared to the other capitals of the area. Tbilisi and Baku both have an old town which is a charming center with old buildings. In Yerevan there doesn’t seem to be anything like this. The only seems to have modern buildings – I am not sure how long it has been like this I still remember the news from the city in 1988 when a large earthquake decimated the city killing at least 25,000 people leveling a large number of buildings. If there was an old center the earthquake wiped it out.

The city is laid out on kind of a circular grid system with some circular roads around the center of the city and some straight road within the circular roads. This makes it pretty easy to navigate the town on foot – you can drive but parking and traffic is a bitch most of the time.

Most of the streets in the center are pretty big with a lot of traffic making the city a not so pleasant place to go for a stroll. Fortunately there are some nice spots like the park between the two roads leading down to the main Republic Square of the city. It seems like the locals really use this area when it is warm in the summer – there are a lot of outdoor cafes with options for drinks and food. We keep going through this area since it is right next to our hotel so we get an enjoyable walk to the republic square.

The Republic Square is one of the most interesting spots in Yerevan with some big nice buildings surrounding the square and a large fountain as the center piece of the square. It is nice to go here at night time and watch the fountain dancing in tune to music being played for a couple of hours from around 8 to 10.

From the Republic Square we walk a bit further to the north until we reach the main pedestrian street of Yerevan. We walk up the pedestrian square until we get to the opera building. The opera building is one of the main buildings in the city and the round building is dominating the Freedom Square. I think the opera house is the most interesting building we see in all of Yerevan.

View from the top of the Cascade

We walk a bit further to the north from the opera house – there is another little park which ends at a special structure of the city. The Cascade. We get to the top of the Cascade from where there is a great view of the city. We get there around sunset which may not be the best time to enjoy the view of the city due to the lighting – I guess it would be better to go early in the morning but it didn’t turn out that way.

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