Great view from the Cascade

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A short walk from the large opera house of Yerevan you reach a small park which leads to the Cascade – we seen picture of this feature of Yerevan as one of the highlights of not just Yerevan but all of Armenia. On the pictures there was a lot of green and it seemed like there was water flowing down the cascade.

We walk through the little park with several strange looking statues. And then we reach the bottom of the Cascade – it looks really high from below and it will be pretty hard walk up the stair to the top. Fortunately we have been here once before and I seem to recollect there is actually an escalator to the top in a building next to the Cascade which will give you access to the Cascade at the different platform there is on the way to the top.

The Cascade with a couple of stalions in front

We do the lazy thing and take the escalator all the way to the top. The escalator is part of some sort of strange modern art museum with some fairly random looking exhibits next to the escalator. We don’t find the exhibition very interesting so we just go straight up. We reach the top. Or so we think – when we go outside we realize we are not at the top of the Cascade – we still have to walk the rest of the way.

We start walking the stair up to the top – but then the stair run out. There is a section of the Cascade which isn’t really finished yet. There is a big hole in the middle of the area and some old concrete blocks with steel sticking out of them standing there. When I see it I kind of remember it was like this when we were here 6 years ago – so the finishing work on the Cascade seems to take a while – maybe it will be finished in another 6 years or perhaps 66 years.

The construction at the Cascade

We walk pass the construction site and then reach a really old looking metal staircase leading up to the top platform. The stair looks somewhat shaky but it holds while we walk up to the top. From the top there is an amazing view of all of Yerevan. Unfortunately the top of the Cascade is sort of north northwest of the city so we kind of look into the setting sun. I guess the view would be better in the morning but we do enjoy what we see from here.

We decide we will walk down the stair so we go down slowly and see the small fountains on the different platforms of the stair.

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