Getting into a sheep jam

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We are driving through the Kakheti country side in the main wine region of Georgia. It is a quite road without too many sights but we do stop for a little bit to take a photo of the Gremi fortress. Gremi was the capital of the Kakheti region from 1466 to 1672 but the heyday of the city ended and today only a bit of ruins remain. The city was devastated by an attack of a Persian shah.

The old Gremi citadell

We stop quickly to see the ruins as we drive by the area the fortress is on top of a hill and down below the hill is the ruins of what is left of the city – and it isn’t much. So we don’t spend very long at the fortress before we continue the drive during the afternoon.

Suddenly the road in front of us is completely blocked. There is a huge flock of sheep’s heading home from the day up in the hills grassing. There is a lot of sheep’s and we have no idea how to get through since the sheep’s take up the whole width of the road and the side of the road as well. We don’t know what to do so we jump out the door and look at the many many sheep’s.

We drive very slowly forward and one of the shepherds are making signs to us – we are not sure if he wants us to stay behind the sheep’s until they can get to side of the road or pass the sheep’s. After a bit we realize he wants us to drive pass the sheep’s.

We start honking the horn a bit and the sheep’s move a bit to one side of the road so we can slowly drive by. There are really a lot of sheep’s so it takes a while before we drive by the last of the sheep’s. When we are finally by the last sheep we can speed up again.

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