The police let us in

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We walk from the little guest house to the main attraction of the town and old walled area with a church inside. We manage to find a gate which we think give us access to the area with the church. When we walk inside there isn’t really access to a church. We go in and inside the walls is a big building which isn’t all that interesting. The big building is some sort of school according to the sign we see on the wall. We have a look around inside the walls and meet a couple of security guards – they tell us the grounds are closed because of renovation – but they let us walk around anyways.

After we have walked around the ground for a bit they decide we might be interested in the area so they let us in through a locked gate and have a quick look at the church behind the gate. There is a museum as well but this is under renovation so even the guards can’t let us inside. After a quick look around we are let out through a back door which leads to a little square with and expensive hotel and a statue. We figure our visit to this little town is over and it is time to head back to the guest house and check out.

We give the owner the key and she walks down with us. We get down stairs and much to my surprise she is driving a large new BMW – I wonder how she can affords a car like this when you are making your money renting out 3 rooms in a B&B for a price of about 17€ a night. And in addition I am pretty sure we were the only guest last night.

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