Heart of the winelands

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Wine is so central to life in Georgia – and probably even more so when you reach the Kakheti. There are wine field everywhere in this part of the country and every garden got a few wines and most people probably make their own wine.

One of the central cities of the wine region is Sighnaghi and we stay there for our latest visit to the region. It is a small old country top city which seems to be attracting still more visitors. We were amazed by the number of Chinese tourist we saw in this small town we had assumed it would still be a bit off the beaten track. But tourism in Georgia has really exploded in the last 5-6 years. When we first came to the country we hardly saw another tourist – and now they are everywhere.

The city is still nice with the old city wall and the old building in the center of the town. So it is still good for stroll around the city to explore what there is around here. The most impressive sight of the city is the wall which had 23 towers and there was 6 gates leading into the city on the hill top.

The location on the hill top make the city a little cooler than the landscape down below but it is still decent temperature in late October so the wine harvest should be going on for sure. It does sound like there is a party going on next to the place we stay celebrating the wine harvest. Unfortunately we are not invited so we have to settle with drinking the wine at a local restaurant during dinner.


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