Exploring the other side of the river

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From the small square at the end of the old town we can cross over the river to the Meteki church which is located right at the bank of the river making it one of the main landmarks of the old town. We have a quick look at the church and decide we need some lunch so we walk up the hill to try to find a restaurant at the Kopola Hotel which is overlooking the city. Unfortunately the map in Lonely Planet isn’t really all that good so we have problem finding the hotel following the map. But after a couple of attempts we finally find the hotel and have lunch. Unfortunately it is still very windy so we can’t sit outside at the big balcony to enjoy the sunshine and the view.

After lunch we walk back down the hill to look inside the Metekhi Church. It’s a nice little church and next to the church is a statue of the King Vakhtang Gorgasali. From the church we up along some small roads to see the different neighborhoods trying to get to the Presidential Palace. But after a while we sort of hit a dead end so we finally end up heading back down to the river. Down here we get to a small park where a police officer is patrolling. He seems pretty bored and just keeps walking in circles around a small fountain without any water in it.

We head up the hill to try to find a way to the Presidential Palace and this time around we finally manage to get up there. Around the palace there are several police officers keeping an eye on things so we can’t really get to the palace so we have to settle at glancing at the palace through the fence around it.

After the quick stop we continue up the hills to the big new cathedral where we go in and have a look at it. It is much more impressive building than we had though so we actually end up spending quite a bit of time exploring the different levels of the church. After the visit to the church is getting a bit late and the light is about to disappear so we just go back across the river on the fancy new pedestrian bridge and walk back to the hotel.

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