Halloween in Tivoli

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In the center of Copenhagen you find the old amusement park called the Tivoli garden. It is the second oldest continuously operating amusement park in the world second only to Bakken north of Copenhagen. The park has a prime location in Copenhagen it is right next to the main square in Copenhagen – the city hall square. The other side of the park is right next to Copenhagen Central train station making it very easy to get to or from the park.

For generations the park was only open during the summer – even back when I was a kid the park opened on May 1 and then closed down in the middle of September. By now the park has tried to keep the park open for a larger part of the year. So now it has added a Halloween season.

During the park Halloween season the park is decorated with hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins and different ghost and other decorations for this holiday. The park is pretty during the day – and I guess if you have kids and want to do the rides you probably want to go during the day and join the different rides.

If you give less priority to the different rides the park is probably prettier at night when it is lit by hundreds of lights. It is very enjoyable to wonder around the park and see the lights at night.

A special feature during Halloween was the pumpkin competition where the biggest pumpkin of the year in Denmark was crowned as champion. The ten biggest pumpkins were on display – even the smallest were way heavier than me and the winner weighed in at almost half a ton. During the opening period there was a completion of cutting the pumpkin – which we didn’t know so we didn’t go. But we did see the cut pumpkins a few days later.

At night there is a light and fire display on the lake in park which is a nice think to see. There is a fairly big crowd going down to see the light show at night but if you look around for a bit you should be able to get a good view of the light show.


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