Small town at the end of the rainbow

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We cross out to a small town at another east Icelandic fjord. The small town of Seydisfjordur is actually a second gateway to Iceland – the vast majority of visitors to Iceland arrive at the Keflavik airport a bit outside Reykjavik but a few visitors arrives here in Seydisfjordur on the weekly ferry from Denmark via Faroe Islands. Hence once a week this small town is buzzling with a lot of guest spending a night before they have catch the ferry in the morning. Apparently there are concerts going on during the summer on the night of the ferry.

Today isn’t a ferry night so the city is pretty quiet but there is actually more restaurants than you would usually find in a small Icelandic city probably helped by the weekly rush with the ferry passengers. We get dinner at a restaurant down at the fjord before we start exploring the small town.

Colourful house at Seydisfjordur

After dinner we head out exploring the city – no need to rush since the sun will be up for at least another 4 or 5 hours before it disappear below the horizon for maybe half an hour before sunrise. We go out to see a small street which apparently is the main attraction of the city. There is a rainbow painted on the street and a few shops lining the rainbow street. I guess it doesn’t take much to become the biggest attraction of the small Icelandic towns.

We walk through the rainbow street quickly and walk around a small lake at the end of the fjord. Most of the houses of the village is locate around this small lake at it is all pretty scenic making it an easy and pretty short walk after dinner.

The town might not have any huge attractions but the village and the drive through the icefields to the village was very scenic making it a good little trip to go on even if you are not taking the ferry. We head back 25 kilometers to the bigger city of Egilsstadir at the Ring Road where we spend the night.


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