This is what summer looks like

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We drive out to another of the fjords of east Iceland and the road goes up over a little ridge. The ridge isn’t very high only 500-600 meters and it is in the middle of the summer with almost 24 hours of daylight a day. But the weather up here is cold and there is a lot of snow and ice along the road. I had actually checked the road conditions in Iceland the week before we left and there had been a day in the middle of June where the road conditions on this road said snowing and difficult driving. I guess summer at the edge of the arctic is different from what I am used to.

It is interesting to get up in this snow covered landscape and enjoy a glimpse of winter in the middle of the summer. There isn’t a lot of traffic so we can just stop at the side of the road and walk a bit around the area and enjoy the winter landscape. Fortunately the cold spell which had brought the snow 2 weeks ago has disappeared so the weather is above freezing and the road condition is good and the roads has no ice on them. The snow next to the road seems to be melting fairly fast and the frozen lake which is up next to the road might actually melt soon – it is definitely not fit for ice-skating any more.

One the way up to the snow field is a great view of the landscape below and after we have passed the snowfield we reach a fairly big waterfall with a lot of water. I guess the meltwater from the snow feed the waterfall this time of the year – so maybe the flow of water will be significantly less if you arrive in late July or August.

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