Heading to Borgorfjordur Eystri

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We drive away from the main road to go and explore one of the pretty areas of the eastern part of Iceland. There are many fjords in this part of the country and one of the pretties is Borgorfjordur. The road out there is fairly good though part of it is unsealed. Fortunately the road is of good quality so a standard car should have no trouble getting out here.

We drive along some small rivers and over some hills. Up in the hills it is pretty cold and there is still snow here at the end of June. The hills isn’t all that high only around 300-400 meters but up here in the northern edge of Europe those few hundred meters is sufficient for the snow to hang around late into the summer.

The landscape is pretty with the snow on the hills and the hills down towards the water edge when we get down to the water of the fjord. It is a little detour to get out here but it is certainly worth going out and enjoy the ride out here.

We arrive at the small village which has what you need for a small village but there isn’t a lot of people out here and I guess the village can get pretty isolated during the winter when the road may be cut by the snow from time to time.

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