The small canyon to the north

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We drive north from the Dettifoss waterfall. The road north is somewhat worse than the part of the road we had taken from the ring road to the waterfall – it is still ok to drive though so we push further north. Up at the end of the road we get to another little attraction.

There is a fairly big canyon up here called the Asbyrgi Canyon. When you look at the slow flowing river up here it is a bit surprising it has been able to carve such a big canyon. Apparently the river isn’t always so slow flowing – whenever the volcano below the big glacier to the south erupts it create a lot of melted water which occasionally travels violently to the north through this canyon – and when the water flows in those large quantities it manage to carve a canyon surprisingly fast.

You can do some different small hikes around the canyon depending on your time. We only have a little time since we will be doing the north east circuit today so we only go for a little short hike along the canyon to get a little impression of what it looks like.

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