Dettifoss – most powerful waterfall of Iceland

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A short drive from Myvatn you will find the big Dettifoss waterfall. You need to drive a bit off the Ring Road towards the north to reach the waterfall but if you go here in the summer time you will be rewarded by a fast flowing waterfall. The melting snow of the early summer will pass through the relative short river from the center of Iceland to the north coast – and right at this spot the water just tumble of the cliffs and deep down to the river below.

The waterfall is a little walk from the parking lot across some volcanic landscape. The walk isn’t the pretties hike but when you arrive at the fall you will get rewarded by a very nice view of the big waterfall. It is wide waterfall with a lot of water coming tumbling down into the small canyon below. It is indeed a much more powerful fall than any other of the falls you will see around Iceland. It is impressive to watch it so it is well worth to do the little detour from the Ring Road just to go up and see this waterfall.

If you walk a bit further you will see another waterfall – the Sellfoss. This waterfall isn’t quite as massive as the Dettifoss but it has a lot of water spread falling down. It is good to go and see this smaller waterfall as well when you have made it to the Dettifoss – it is only a short detour on your hike to the Dettifoss from the parking lot.


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