The outlaw hot spring

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We have been driving along the Kjölur route for hours and now we have finally reached one of the main sights along the route. We come to a fairly large geothermal area called Hveravellir. This is the first place with some public services we have seen since leaving the Gullfoss waterfall. There are luxury amenities like a toilet and a camping area. There is even a small restaurant which is a good thing since we didn’t get any take away food before we left this morning.

We decide to get some late lunch before heading out to the hot spring area. The restaurant actually claims to have a cook on the payroll so order some food. Unfortunately there isn’t much competition for this restaurant and it shows in the quality of the food which is eatable and not making you sick which is the best we can say about the food.

After lunch we go across the parking lot and then we are at the parking area. We can walk around the geothermal area looking at the hot water. There is a lot of steam coming from the water and we walk around the area for a bit. The hot area is pretty well laid out with many boardwalks making sure you don’t accidently step into a pool of boiling water.

It is possible to walk a bit out into the area behind the hot springs if you like to have a look at the highland vegetation. This would be a good option if you spend the night in the hostel or on the camping ground which is here.

The most famous part of the area is a little hot pool. The pool is named after an old outlaw called Fjalla-Eyvindur. He used to hide out in the Icelandic highlands getting food by steal sheep’s. The climate up here was so rough he could only survive the winters up here because he had access to this hot spring area so he could a place to warm up a bit during the long cold winter nights.

This place would actually have been a decent area to spend the night and enjoy the hot pool during the late night sun during the summer. But we have already booked accommodation to the north of here so we can’t stay for too long and have to leave the hot pool and continue the drive down from the highlands towards the populated lowlands of Iceland.

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