Driving up to the glacier

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We have been driving along the Kjölur route for a while. It is a highland road so ordinary cars should go out on this route. But the road is actually not that bad and you might be able to drive it in a sedan if you take good care while driving.

Considering the main road was in reasonable condition we decide to make a little detour. We take a side track leading higher up in the mountains. This little road is definitely rougher than the Kjölur route itself. At least there is no water running across the road so we can easily manage to go up the hill.

At the top of the hill there are a few buildings which look like there might be some sort of restaurant or coffee shop up here. It would be nice to have a coffee or a bite to drink so we go inside to check it out. It turns out the buildings are not serving the general public – it is only used as a base for tours around the glacier which is right outside the doors of the building. You can join a tour in a snowmobile on the glacier if you like. We see the pricelist for a short drive around the glacier and decide to skip it. Hence we go outside again with the coffee to warm us up.

We go and see the snow behind the building and look at the glacier nearby. As we walk around a big truck with oversized wheels drive along a questionable track to the glacier. I think this track would be a bit much for our small 4×4 hence we decide not to follow the truck up to the main glacier and just have a look at it from the trails.

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